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Prosper ISD students deserve the best education we can offer, and our teachers are worth the extra investment to ensure they have all they need to teach at the highest level. Join PEF in resourcing and encouraging Prosper ISD students and teachers.

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Prosper Education Foundation: Impacting Every Student, Every Campus

Today, school districts like Prosper ISD are growing, innovating, balancing all levels of student potentials and needs, feeding students 2 of their 3 meals a day, transporting them, and providing remote learning options. The list literally goes on and on. Meanwhile, school funding has never been more complex or uncertain. The community of Prosper demands a top education for their children and expects the best. Making funds available to Prosper ISD through PEF can make that happen.

Prosper Education Foundation seeks to profoundly impact the success of each PISD student. We do that by supporting and encouraging the educational excellence, innovation and achievement in Prosper ISD. By raising funds and putting them to work within Prosper ISD, we build futures for students through college scholarships, appreciate and equip hardworking teachers through grants, recognition and awards, and fund district-wide academic programs and professional development initiatives that are outside the budget of PISD. Donations from businesses, individuals and community organizations make up the resources PEF invests into Prosper ISD. Thank you for supporting these programs and Prosper ISD!